Traceability without effort

As you record what you pack, your tracability is recorded for you. When your annual audit comes around you are able to very easily show where any of your fruit has come from.

Simple production recording

The simplicity of creating your pallet records, including mixed pallets, means you spend less time and get more accurate data. Because your pallet and box labels are printed your pallets look more professional than their hand-written versions.

Easily assign pallets to destinations

When you know where you will be sending your pallets just assign them to the relevant dispatch. It couldn’t be easier.

Save time and reduce mistakes by auto-creating dispatches and con notes

With a couple of clicks you can send the details of your day’s work to whoever needs to know. This includes dispatch information to your agents, head office, etc and con notes to your freight companies.

Reports on quality, quantity, and payments

Automatic generation of production reports with percentage of total for each crop, variety, grade, and size. Generation of a report showing who pays best (and worst) for each product you sell.

Validate your income and freight costs for a better bottom line

Invoices and freight are calculated and compared with the actual invoices you receive, quickly highlighting any shortfall or overcharge.

See how much time and fruit it takes to create your product

Compare your labour and harvest input with your production output to quickly catch discrepancies.

Track staff issues, skills, and licences

Record basic staff details, including known medical issues in case of an emergency. Also track what skills and licences they have, along with how much training and when they (skills and licences, not people) expire.

Communicate with Compac graders

When you already have the machine that grades for you, our software adds the detailed tracking and reporting that Compac's software does not have.