Our Origin Story

In 2014 I sold my computer repair business and got a job with one of the bigger farms on the Atherton Tablelands. They asked me if I could create software that would make their lives easier in the packing shed and beyond into dispatch related accounting. As they are very private people they have asked that I do not mention them by name even though they still use the software and are actively involved in its development.

As the years have passed these wonderful people have grown their business and have grown more crops, expanding the usefulness of Pack Shed Pro. Along with their needs we have a number of other packing sheds using the software to increase their productivity and reduce their stress. Many of these customers have their own specific ways of doing things, and this has helped the software become more rounded in its functionality.

Of course one piece of software is not going to solve all problems encountered in your business, but we can at least be of benefit in the areas of dispatch paperwork and (dispatch specific) accounting, plus other bits. See our features page for more information.

Every day I see people working their lives away on tasks that can be automated and/or simplified. As I spent a lot of the years my kids were growing up working inefficiently I am very passionate about helping others to not repeat my mistakes.

Join the ranks of farmers using their time (the one currency you can never renew) more effectively and…

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